Tablo Rolls Out Quad HDMI DVR Platform

Can record up to four programs at once

Tablo has built off of its Tablo Dual HDMI DVR that it released in 2020 and officially unveiled the new Tablo Quad HDMI OTA DVR that is able to record up to four programs simultaneously.

The new Tablo DVR has the same form factor as the dual-tuner model, but features four ATSC 1.0 tuners. It also comes with its own remote and a direct HDMI connection to the TV, allowing for a more traditional DVR setup, Tablo says.

Unique features for the Tablo Quad HDMI include the ability to record and display OTA TV in raw MPEG2 video format at the resolution bitrate that it is broadcast in, including 1080i at 30 fps and 720p at 60 fps. Tablo says that this would allow for 130 hours of HDTV to be recorded onto a 1 TB drive, though larger hard drives can be connected to the Tablo Quad HDMI.


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