The Tools and Toys Guide to Cutting the Cord

Tablo and Tablo-like devices
Tablo is quite different that TiVo, but ultimately serves the same purpose. Rather than hooking up to your TV via an HDMI cable, it hooks directly to your home network (ethernet or Wi-Fi) and then there are apps that allow you to access your antenna. There are apps for Android, iPad, Roku, and the web. The two tuner model starts at $199.99 which is comparable to TiVo. You can buy a four tuner model for $299.99. Tablo is drastically cheaper on the recurring fees, though. You can either pay $5/mo, $49.99/year, or a lifetime (tied to the account and not device) for $149.99. So instead of having another box, the Tablo is simply an app for your Roku. It supports AirPlay, so you can send content to your Apple TV from an iOS device.

Is Tablo better than TiVo? It’s hard to say. It’s certainly cheaper. The TiVo is probably easier to set up for the non-technical person, but Tablo extends to all of your devices without the need for an additional box.

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