Tablo works as a DVR for your antenna

There have never been more ways to watch TV. More and more people "cut the cord," or pass on cable TV and get their shows a la carte, via streaming services, or from over-the-air TV antenna. Tablo, from Canada-based company Nuvyyo, is a TV recording device for the latter type of cord-cutter. It connects on one end to your TV antenna and on the other to a memory storage device like an external hard drive.

Tablo works as a DVR for your antenna, but it also makes the recorded programs more accessible than most DVRs by saving them as files on your own eternal memory device. That also means that Tablo's storage capacity is only limited by your own storage device. You can stream those programs to any other Internet-connected device, unlike many DVRs that limit video streaming to devices connected to a home network. Tablo is also compatible with AppleTV and Roku, and will soon add Chromecast functionality.

Using a television antenna to get over-the-air broadcasts is a simple and very cheap way to cut the cord and still get programs on local station such as ABC, NBC, CW and more. But the disadvantage of this kind of TV is that, without something like the Tablo, you have to watch your programs at the time they air.

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