Tablo Review: A Complete Over-the-Air DVR Solution

Tablo is an old hand in the nascent business of whole-home, over-the-air DVR.

The $220 box from Ottawa-based Nuvvyo records free broadcast channels from an antenna and streams the video to phones, tablets, PCs, and TV devices. The Tablo hardware first launched in 2014, and Nuvyyo has been refining its software and expanding to new platforms ever since.

Thanks to those refinements, Tablo is the most straightforward solution yet for watching over-the-air TV on all your devices.

... no other product has pulled off the whole-home DVR concept like Tablo has. The hardware is simple to set up, the software is competent, and apps are available on all the streaming TV boxes that cord cutters are already using. Tablo isn’t perfect, but it’s the easiest over-the-air DVR solution to recommend.


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