Tablo Quad DVR Review: The Best Gets Bigger

Tablo’s over-the-air DVR software has gotten a lot better over the last year, and now it has hardware to match with the Tablo Quad.

The $200 DVR box from Ottawa-based Nuvyyo can turn a single antenna into a whole-home DVR for cord-cutters. As the name suggests, the Tablo Quad can play or record up to four broadcast TV channels at a time, and it then streams the video to pretty much any connected TV device, phone, tablet, or PC. While the Tablo Quad isn’t any more powerful than the $140 Tablo Dual Lite, it can record twice as many simultaneous channels, and it has an internal hard drive bay for storing recordings without the clutter of an external drive.

Both products are simpler to set up and use than most other whole-home DVRs, and the recent additions of ad skipping and a channel-surfing guide put them on equal footing feature-wise. Tablo remains the best all-around DVR for cord-cutters with antennas, with a slight edge to the newer Tablo Quad. If not for some early ad-skipping issues and longstanding video quality limitations, it’d be pretty much perfect.


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