Tablo Dual Lite DVR Review: The All-Around Champ is Cheaper than Ever

If you're trying to record and watch free broadcast TV channels on all your streaming devices, you have two paths to choose from: Power-users might want to cobble together their own solution using disparate tuners, recording devices, and media server software. But for almost everyone else, there's Tablo.

Tablo is a DVR box that streams over-the-air TV to other devices both inside and outside the house. You set it up wherever antenna reception is best--perhaps near a window or in the attic--then connect it to your Wi-Fi network to stream the video onto TVs, phones, tablets, and PCs.

The latest Tablo Dual Lite DVR, from Ottawa-based Nuvyyo, is the best version yet. It's similar to the Tablo Dual that launched last year, but with a few differences: The Lite version has no internal storage, it offers superior 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity, and it's much cheaper at $140, versus $220 for the Tablo Dual. (With portable hard drives costing less than $70 these days, the Dual Lite lets you have more storage than the 64GB Dual for less money.) Although Tablo's video and audio quality remains inferior to some roll-your-own solutions, its low price and ease of use makes it the best over-the-air DVR for most people.


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