TabloTV Review: Cord Cutting Pt 2

A while back we told you about an over-the-air DVR called the TabloTV (you can read about it here). If you have not read it, I recommend you give it a look before continuing, as this article is to let you know about some cool upgrades that have happened since that last post and there are a LOT!

In all, the new changes to the TabloTV Roku interface are amazing. Now you can have DVR capability that is easy to use, doesn’t need you to access a device to make changes, and so familiar in function that a total newbie would be able to figure it out. Before I thought TabloTV was a really good system and thought it really brought a lot to the table, but with these new upgrades TabloTV easily competes against any Cable or Satellite provider on the ease of which you can program and record a movie or television series. I have been using this system for about 3-4 months now and cannot recommend it enough. Using a TabloTV TV in conjunction with a streaming service or two (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Streaming) and before long you won’t miss cable at all. Now that Hulu has worked out a deal with AMC for their programming and the TabloTV can record CBS and local programming my cable days are thing of the past! 

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