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Tablo's new USB dongle adds DVR functionality to Android TV boxes like NVIDIA shield

Tablo today introduced a new USB device for cord-cutters looking to add DVR functionality to Android streaming boxes like the NVIDIA Shield. This $70 dongle pairs with Tablo’s smartphone apps to record content on a device’s internal storage or an external hard drive. For cord-cutters this potentially offers one of the easier ways to bring over-the-air content to Android streaming media players, a proposition that previously required a few workarounds…

Tablo’s latest release makes building your own DIY DVR easier than ever if you have the necessary hardware. The dongle itself attaches on one end via USB with a coaxial connection on the opposite side for an antenna. There’s no signal boosting power here, so you’re essentially just adding the DVR functionality to an existing setup.

Like its previous releases, users will be required to signup for a subscription plan to unlock the full potential of Tablo’s software. It will run $4 per month or $40 annually for access to 14-days worth of guide data and enabled one-click recording following an initial six-month trial. Conversely, 24 hours worth of listings is available for free.


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