Tablo's new Android TV app turns the Nvidia Shield into a cord-cutter's DVR

On the heels of launching its next-gen DVR for cord cutters who want to record TV over-the-air from a digital antenna, the maker of the Tablo DVR is today releasing a new app for Android TV owners, for recording live TV without the need for additional DVR hardware. The app, Tablo Engine, initially works with the Nvidia Shield.

Of course, you’ll still need an HDTV antenna in order to capture the free, over-the-air TV signals. To connect your antenna to your Nvidia Shield, you can grab the Tablo dual-tuner USB adapter from the company’s website for $69.99. (You can also use the or the Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB tuner stick, if you prefer.)

But you don’t need to have anything beyond your Nvidia Shield in order to start recording from live TV.

After everything is set up and connected, you’re then able to use your Nvidia Shield like a Tablo DVR via the new Android TV app, Tablo Engine.


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