Tablo Over-The-Air DVR Now Available with Four Tuners

More Tuners = More free HDTV to love

New York, NY —June 25, 2014 — Nuvyyo, today announced availability of the new Tablo 4-Tuner DVR for Over-the-Air (OTA) HDTV. As its name implies, the newest Tablo DVR provides four TV tuners for additional recording and live TV streaming flexibility compared to the current 2-Tuner model. The more tuners you have, the more free HDTV programs you can enjoy simultaneously; TV lovers can now watch and/or record up to 4 programs at once.

Many cord-cutters – consumers who have cancelled expensive cable or satellite contracts – use HDTV antennas to access free Over-The-Air (OTA) programming. These live, high-definition TV signals are distributed by major national television networks in most cities and towns across North America. Tablo was designed to give cord-cutters the power to record and stream this programming to all types of devices including iOS and Android tablets, smartphones and computers, as well as TVs with the help of streaming video boxes like Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV.

Unlike other OTA DVRs on the market, all Tablo DVRs include dual-band WiFi enabling Tablo and the antenna to be placed in an optimal location for signal reception. Also, by storing guide data and recordings locally, Tablo’s user-friendly apps are more responsive and fun to navigate than on-screen TV grid guides or remote-controlled interfaces.

“Cord-cutters are looking for simple solutions to help them transition away from cable and satellite and Tablo was designed with this audience in mind,” said Nuvyyo’s CEO, Grant Hall. “With the addition of the Tablo 4-Tuner DVR model, we can provide the recording and viewing capabilities that larger households are looking for.”

The MSRP for the 4-Tuner Tablo DVR is $299.99 US or $329.99 CAD and is available via the Tablo website ( or via retail partner

If you’d like to see Tablo in action, visit the Tablo booth #102 at the CEWeek exhibition June 25th & 26th in New York.

About Nuvyyo
Nuvyyo, based in Ottawa, Canada, was founded in 2010 with the vision of reinventing the home media experience in the post-PC era for consumers in the U.S. and Canada. Building on its first mobile media streaming system, the company has launched Tablo, the broadcast TV system that combines the functionality of a DVR with the convenience and mobility of a tablet app, making it easy to browse watch and record free over-the-air (OTA) HDTV anywhere, anytime, on any device. For more information, visit