The Tablo Engine & Tablo USB Tuner Are Now Available

Today Tablo, that popular line of over-the-air DVRs made by Nuvyyo, announced the availability of Tablo ENGINE, an Android TV-based DVR app that lets cord cutters discover, watch, and record live over-the-air TV. The Tablo ENGINE brings the fast and user-friendly Tablo interface and DVR functionality to powerful Android TV set-top-boxes, starting with the Nvidia SHIELD.

By using a Tablo TUNER OTA USB adapter to connect a TV antenna to the Nvidia SHIELD and downloading the Tablo ENGINE app, TV fans will be able to discover, watch, and record live HDTV on their Android TV device without the need for Tablo OTA DVR hardware.

“Consumers are frustrated with the cost and lack of choice offered by today’s pay TV subscriptions,” said Grant Hall, CEO at Nuvyyo, the makers of Tablo. “That’s why we’ve designed Tablo ENGINE to address the needs of more traditional cord cutters who simply prefer to watch programs on their primary TV set from the comfort of their couch, versus those who value the flexibility and mobility of our network-based Tablo OTA DVRs which allow you to enjoy OTA TV anywhere, on any device.”


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