Tablo Brings OTA TV Directly to the Nvidia Shield TV With a Dedicated Tuner and App

Tablo is a pretty terrific product for cord cutters in North America, and the company's most recent product, Tablo Dual, was its first to incorporate a built in DVR. Now, they're back with another hot new product and this time it's for the NVIDIA Shield TV.

Tablo Engine and Tablo Tuner are available starting today. The former is an app that installs on the Shield TV, the latter is a USB TV Tuner that plugs directly into the box.

The Tuner is a simple dongle with a USB connection at one end and the hook up for your OTA TV antenna on the other. It just connects to a spare USB port on the Shield TV and interacts then with the Tablo Engine app to give you your live television channels.


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