Tablo On LG TV’s New App Launches

Tablo is on its way to becoming the default OTA DVR for cord Cutters. The company has launched a new app that will work with LG smart TV’s for the Web OS system. The addition makes the LG TV even more cord-cutter friendly than a number of its rivals giving it access to not only the ability to record OTA shows but stream them in real time through the app. 

Tablo is starting to show up everywhere. With an app for Roku, Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV the app was already available on the major set-top devices. Access to Android TV also puts the app at the fingertips of anybody who owns a TV with the Android TV interface including a number of Sony models. Not only that Tablo has apps for both Kodi and Plex meaning that any android device is fully capable of accessing Tablo via the two media center programs or even set-top boxes based on Linux or Open Elec. This shows incredible growth for the company which has only been at it for a few years.

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