Can You Have A DVR Without Cable? Y-E-S is Spelled Tablo

The Tablo fills a very important function that would otherwise be lost without cable. Its ability to increase the stability of an over the air antenna to cable like performance (though not an officially advertised feature) was a major surprise to us and a pleasant one. I would recommend mounting the device out of view as the antenna wires can crowd a good home theater set up. Considering that it is controlled via wireless devices over your Wi-Fi network there is no need for line of site. The need for a portable hard drive is somewhat hidden cost as is the need for compatible set-top technology. I get the impression that Tablo expects its buyers to have already committed to an over the top solution before hand. If one does not want to purchase a set-top device there is always the option to connect a computer to the TV via an HDMI connection.

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