Battle of the Streamers II

With the growth of “Smart TV” sets in almost every size and price category, some pundits have predicted that the market for external streaming devices might be diminishing. As we move into the new year, that may not yet be the case. Buoyed by many new product introductions in the fall, as well as updates to the software and interfaces of several existing models, the market for streaming products will likely remain strong in 2018.


The USB ports also may be used to connect the Tablo TUNER Antenna Adapter. This $69 accessory, in conjunction with the Tablo ENGINE app connects to an off-air antenna for live TV viewing. When a $3.99/month or $39.99/year subscription is added the guide, the program information guide expands from one day to 14 days, along with cover art, episode synopses, and more. Even better, the Tablo ENGINE subscription adds DVR capability to internal or external storage.

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