Nuvyyo Tablo DUAL Over-the-Air HD DVR Reviewed

The truth is, if you want to cut the cord but retain access to all the broadcast channels in your area, over-the-air is still the best option ... provided you live in a place where you can tune in the signal with some measure of reliability.

Over the past few years, Nuvyyo has made a name for itself in this space with its Tablo suite of networkable DVRs. The newest model is the Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR ($219.99), and it's the first Tablo model to include onboard storage. Previous products required that you bring your own USB storage to the party, but the new Tablo DUAL gives you 64 GB of internal storage to record up to 40 hours of HD. Of course, there's still the option to add more storage capacity (up to 8 TB) via USB.

I really enjoyed my time with the Tablo DUAL over-the-air DVR. I was pleasantly surprised by just how easy it was to set up, how good the picture quality was, and how intuitive it was to use across all my devices. Admittedly, the Tablo approach might not be for everyone. If you're preparing to cut the cord and want to buy an all-in-one DVR solution to replace your cable/satellite box in your AV gear rack, you might be happier with a more traditional DVR design. If, on the other hand, you've already cut the cord and want a DVR product that seamlessly integrates with the streaming media player you already own--and lets you take your OTA content anywhere you go--the Tablo DUAL is a great solution.

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