Nuvyyo Unveils Tablo QUAD HDMI OTA DVR

Nuvyyo Unveils Tablo QUAD HDMI OTA DVR

Nuvyyo introduced the Tablo Quad HDMI, a quad over-the-air tuner version of its recently introduced dual-tuner HDMI DVR device.

The company said the Tablo Quad Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR is designed for cord cutters with larger households or channel lineups, who want the ability to record and stream broadcast programs from up to four channels at one time.

Users will need a compatible HDMI TV, an add-on storage drive and a connected OTA antenna suitable to the viewing area. In the past, non-HDMI Tablo devices would require a home WIFI connection to a device with an enabling app to connect to the TV. However, a WIFI connection is still required for set-up and to access the channel guide service used with the Tablo TV Quad HDMI device.

Nuvyyo said the Tablo Quad HDMI is expected to have big appeal with cord cutters who travel in RVs or live in rural areas, where internet access is spotty. The Tablo Quad HDMI will require internet access for setup, but users will be able to continue viewing live and recorded programming on a primary television without internet access for up to two weeks.

All Tablo DVRs offer a $4.99 monthly subscription plan to use a basic, grid-style onscreen channel guide. This carries 24 hours of TV programming data and enables easily programming DVR recordings and using playback controls for pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding programs. The system also supports pass-through of 5.1 Surround Sound pass through.

The Tablo TV Guide Data plan covers 14 days of programming data and advanced recording features like those found with traditional pay-tv DVR boxes. The TV Guide Data Service allows customers to connect to and stream content from their Tablo Quad HDMI on compatible streaming platforms, including Roku, Fire TV and Android TV operating systems.


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