Tablo starts taking pre-orders for its DVR for cord cutters, shows off HTML5 app at CES

Tablo has started to take pre-orders for its DVR, which promises to record up to four shows of free over-the-air broadcast TV at the same time. Grant Hall, co-founder of Tablo maker Nuvyyo, told me at CES in Las Vegas Monday that his company is getting ready to ship first devices in February…Hall told me that Tablo wasn’t dependent on the Indiegogo funding, but rather wanted to use the campaign to get feedback on the service…the company is now in the final stages of completing its Android app, and has started to bring the Tablo service to some bigger screens. At the CES Pepcom show, Hall showed off an early version of a HTML5 app for TVs, which will be the basis of more native app experiences for LG and Samsung TVs.”

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