Tablo Beefs Up Its DVR Options

The race isn’t over, but for now my favorite DVR for over-the-air TV is Tablo. At my household, it has replaced my Dish Hopper for OTA recording, thanks to Dish giving me a price break for getting my locals that way. And today, it just got better.

Tablo has added some of the advanced recording features for OTA that I have for satellite channels on my Hopper. Now it will let me adjust the start and end time on each recording, keep only a specified number of episodes of a show, and specify which channel I want to use to record an ongoing series.

The new features roll out with the 2.2.18 firmware for all standalone 2- and 4-tuner Tablo boxes. I got to see what it looks like with a beta version, and it’s pretty much like the Hopper’s. The Tablo already was the best OTA DVR as of yesterday, and I’m glad to see that it’s not standing still.

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