Nuvyyo Courts Cord Cutters With New Tablo Dual OTA DVR

The latest device is from Nuvyyo, maker of the Tablo DVR, which today launched Tablo Dual, its next-generation two-tuner OTA DVR. It will be available June 4, either through the company site or Best Buy, with a suggested retail price of $250.

The company, which competes with other players like Muvo and Dish subsidiary AirTV, calls the new box the first networked OTA DVR to include onboard recording storage. Nuvyyo says in an announcement that it “makes it even easier for cord cutters to discover, record and stream live broadcast programs from their HDTV antenna.”

The redesigned box is 20% smaller than the previous generation and adds 64 gigabytes (or about 40 hours) of onboard HD recording storage to the live TV streaming and recording features of the original device.


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