Nuvyyo Tablo DUAL HDMI OTA DVR Review: Simple and Direct

For Nuvyyo, its Tablo devices have always represented an alternative to expensive cable packages, and the concept has always been an easy sell. Pull in free over-the-air TV channels and either watch them live or record them to watch later. Just stream them to compatible devices, and you’ve got plenty of content that doesn’t come with a fat monthly bill.

The new Tablo Dual HDMI OTA DVR sticks to the plan, yet deviates in execution, primarily by restricting where you can actually put it. Unlike other Tablo units, this box must be plugged into a TV. Everyone can appreciate a direct approach, but is this the right one for your cable TV freedom?

Our Take

At $150, the Tablo Dual HDMI is on par with Nuvyyo’s other devices, but it’s not the upfront price that matters, it’s the ancillary features dictating what the experience will be like. It’s very clear who this unit was made for, as well as what kind of setup is required. The company finally addressed a lack of direct-to-TV connectivity, yet pulled back some other flagship features to make it happen.

Is There a Better Alternative?

For streaming, absolutely. The Tablo Dual 128GB lets you place it wherever the signal is optimal, and includes some good internal storage to start with. It’s also the same price, or sometimes cheaper, than the Dual HDMI. If you want to go with four tuners and rack up on storage, the Tablo Quad 1TB Over-the-Air unit is $240, and also doesn’t connect directly to the TV. Both of those give you mobile streaming and remote access.


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