6 ways to build your own Aereo alternative

Just like Aereo

Nuvyyo Tablo OTA DVR - $219 + hard drive + subscription

The Tablo is a compact black box that connects to your HD antenna and streams live and recorded TV programs over the Internet, much like Aereo. The box requires that you add an external hard drive for TV storage – the more you want to record, the bigger the storage drive needs to be.

The trick with the Tablo is that it does not connect directly to your TV. Instead, you can watch on a tablet or computer, or watch on your TV through an Apple TV or Roku set-top box. You aren’t limited to watching at home, either. As part of the $5 monthly subscription fee ($50 annually, or $150 for life) you get the ability to watch anywhere you have access to the Internet, along with a really slick TV guide interface. So far, the Tablo is the easiest and most flexible solution we’ve used. One of the great things about this little box is that it connects to your home's network using Wi-Fi, so the box can be placed anywhere there is a power source. That means more antenna placement flexibility, thus better reception and more channels. To learn more, check out our Tablo review.

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