Tablo DVR Owners Now Have Access to New Advanced Recording Features

Today Nuvyyo, the company behind Tablo DVRs, is rolling out a massive update with new advanced DVR features.

With this update, Tablo DVR owners will be able start a recording up to 10 minutes early and let it run up to 3 hours beyond the program’s scheduled end time. This allows Tablo DVR owners to never miss the end of the big game or what happens after the game.

Now you can tell Tablo to keep a select number of episodes for each show. For example, if you record the evening news you can tell Tablo to only keep two episodes to avoid filling up your DVR.

Finally, you can now pick what channel you want to record your show on. Now that many shows air on multiple networks you can say, for example, only record a show from Fox even if it re-airs on The CW. This gives Tablo DVR owners great control over what they record.

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