Cord Cutters: Tablo DUAL brings DVR to your screens

The Tablo DUAL is really a nice solution for receiving and recording OTA channels.  Because you don't have to have the box directly connected to a TV, you can watch on any TV or connected device. I found myself watching on my phone quite often.

The picture quality for live shows and recordings was very good, but of course that will depend on the placement of the antenna and the strength of the signal.

This is a nice DVR to add if you're a cord cutter. Some people will complain about the subscription price, but elegant solutions like the Tablo Dual usually require some type of ongoing cost. The fact that Tablo offers a lifetime subscription is a nice feature and a money saver if you will be using the service for a long time.

Pros: Good picture quality, can place the box anywhere on your network and watch from a variety of screens. Easy to set up.

Cons: Subscription adds to the overall cost.

Bottom Line: Really elegant whole home OTA DVR solution.


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