The Tablo DVR is possibly the best DVR for cord cutters who travel. The ability to watch your content around the world works smoothly with little setup. Past the ability to cast content on your DVR and watch live TV worldwide, it is a solid and beautiful DVR.

The user interface is consistent across multiple devices, and the performance is smooth across all platforms. Only the Roku had a different interface, similar to most Roku apps. With easy to use categories for finding movies, sports, and TV shows, the user guide is amazing.

The real benefit to the Tablo is its ability to sync with a laptop or tablet so you can stream your content around the world. All you have to do is enable “Remote Access” in the settings, and connect to the DVR on your home network one time. After that, the laptop or tablet will automatically sync to your Tablo DVR each time you launch the application. No passwords or registration needed; it just simply works. I was able to travel cross country with my laptop and keep the connection for over 30 days without reconnecting it to my home network.

Even though ChromeOS is not listed as an officially supported OS, the “My Tablo” app works smoothly on ChromeOS.


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