Meet The Newest Tablo DVR The Tablo DUAL LITE Just $139.99

Today Nuvyyo the company behind the popular Tablo OTA DVRs announced a new cheaper Tablo DVR. The Tablo DUAL LITE DVR is very similar to the Tablo Dual but with better WiFi. The best part is it now costs just $139.99.

The new Tablo Dual Lite comes without any internal storage. You can connect an external hard drive to store your recordings or use the Tablo cloud DVR. With the new Tablo Cloud DVR you will get 40GB of cloud DVR storage to record your favorite shows. The Tablo DUAL LITE is a two tuner DVR letting you record two shows at once.

Maybe the best part of the new Tablo DUAL LITE DVR is the ability to use newer 802.11AC WiFi for better streaming over Wifi.

“The Tablo DUAL 64GB quickly became one of our most popular OTA DVRs, but some TV fans still prefer the ‘bring your own storage’ approach of our original 2-Tuner model,” said Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo. “Tablo DUAL LITE is a DVR that delivers everything our customers love about Tablo DUAL, with the savings and flexibility to choose the storage option that works best for them.”

So what makes Tablo DVRs stand out? Tablo DVRs take your antenna and streams it out to a wide range of devices on your network. This means you can use one antenna to stream to multiple devices in your house.

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