Tablo Quad DVR Offers Cord-Cutters Four HD Tuners for $200

Nuvyyo has announced the latest version of its OTA DVR, the Tablo Quad, which includes four HD tuners as well as a new commercial auto-skip feature.

The Tablo Quad is a streaming DVR, as opposed to a set-top box, and users connect an external antenna to it and store or watch shows via a series of apps over the internet. The Quad lacks onboard storage but users can connect an external USB hard drive or, unusually, an internal SATA drive, with a limit of up to 8TB for either.

The company also outlined its Commercial Skip (Beta), which will debut at the same time for all Tablo DVRs with an active subscription. The new system uses a "cloud-based hybrid of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and machine learning to deliver more accurate results." That could mean it identifies commercials based on their loudness.

Tablo has dominated the "streaming DVR" segment for many years but in 2018 two major competitors emerged -- the Amazon Fire TV Recast and the AirTV. The Recast is arguably most significant because of the prevalence of Amazon Fire TVs, plus its included onboard storage and lack of ongoing fees (it will work without Prime membership). The AirTV also doesn't need a SlingTV subscription, but it helps.

The Tablo Quad will be available in "late Q1" for $199.99.


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