Video - Really good way of organizing and capturing some of the great stuff that arrives free Over-The-Air to your TV

We’re taking a look at Tablo. It’s a new DVR system for recording Over-The-Air video. So as you might already know, if you plug an antenna you can already get loads of great HD programming but you’re slightly limited in the way you can control and how you watch that stuff. And that’s where Tablo comes in because it gives you the power to record those Over-the-Air broadcasts.

So this is the Tablo box. It plugs into your antenna which receives the Over-The-Air broadcasts and then all the stuff from there is sent to a set top box. So this will work with AppleTV, Roku and it should work with SmartTVs as well.

When you download the Tablo app which is available on iOS, Android and in browser you’ll be able to see and plan all your recordings. So if you want to schedule something you just find the program, and tap record. It seems pretty simple and very cool.

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