Tablo TV Could Be Best OTA DVR for Cord Cutters and Integrators Alike

Tablo may just be the answer to cord cutters everywhere as its methods are different and innovative enough to make this a widely accepted solution for watching, recording and managing over-the-air (OTA) TV shows.

Tablo claims it is “the first broadcast TV system designed to combine the functionality of a DVR and the convenience and mobility of a tablet app.”

I say for custom electronics professionals it is much more than that. Tablo is the first DVR - period - built for third-party integration. How so? It is accessible through Chromecast, AppleTV (through AirPlay) and Roku.

A channel on Roku provides direct control of Tablo-based content. What this means for integrators is that any system with IP-controlled Roku boxes would have full control of all Tablo’s live and recorded content via two-way home automation controllers.

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