Tablo TV Over-The-Air DVR: The Cord Cutters Dream!

If you’re looking to cut the cord, but still want the convenience of being able to record all of your shows like you used to with your cable DVR, the Tablo DVR is in my opinion one of the best options currently available.

Tablo will allow you to record your favorite shows, whether it’s recording all new shows, recording all episodes or just recording the one episode you wanted to watch. The guide information is rich and full of useful information, including show and movie covers that give you a better idea of what the content actually is. Not only that but it gives you the option to stream live TV or recorded shows remotely, which is something even your old DVR probably didn’t do (at least not without an extra fee and add-on device).

Tablo has now become a part of the cord-cutting program at our house along with the following devices and software:

  • Google Chromecast (To receive streamed shows on the big screen TV from the DVR, Netflix, Amazon, etc)
  • PlayOn Streaming & DVR Software (For recording and streaming all the online video content through one convenient source).
  • Mohu Digital Antenna (To get over-the-air TV content to view live and record using the Tablo DVR)
  • Netflix (Great streaming video content, including some pretty awesome original shows)
  • Amazon Prime Instant Video (To view their hundreds of free TV shows and movies, and the occasional movie rental)
  • Tablo DVR (To view and pause live TV, as well as record shows and movies)

So if you’re looking to cut the cord and want a cheaper alternative to the cable company’s DVR for your over-the-air TV content, I would highly recommend checking out the Tablo DVR.

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