Nuvyyo launches and Android-based software DVR for NVIDIA Shield

Nuvyyo, the maker behind the Tablo Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR, today announced a handful of new hardware, software, and services for potential cord-cutters. Moreover, its solutions should appeal to those who want to get more from their existing platforms. If you own an NVIDIA Shield, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to today’s announcement.

So, what’s new today? For starters, the Tablo DROID Android-Based Software DVR. Designed as software that can be installed on the NVIDIA Shield, it essentially gives consumers an HDMI-based DVR. And, when connected to a USB OTA tuner and an antenna, the Shield can let users discover, watch and record live HDTV. Indeed, it turns your gaming and entertainment center into a set-top box.


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