Tablo Tuner lets you scan and record broadcast TV to your NVIDIA Shield

The NVIDIA Shield Pro is the most reliable and powerful Android streaming box for adventurous cord cutters, but it's easy to forget about the other methods for avoiding a costly cable bill. A digital over-the-air (OTA) antenna lets you relive the bunny-ear days of TV by scanning the airwaves for channel signals available in your area.

Now you could always use your NVIDIA Shield to stream content the various services then switching over and use the antenna to see what's on live TV is on — but the Tablo Tuner accessory takes things a step further, allowing you to connect an antenna to your Shield and use the Tablo Tuner app to watch and record your favorite shows or local newscasts.

Depending on the number of OTA channels available in your area, the Tablo Tuner offers the best perks of a digital cable subscription without the expensive DVR set box.


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