Tablo Releases New Dual OTA DVR with 64GB of Built-In Storage

Tablo has released a new Dual OTA DVR model of their networked DVR for $249.99. The new device is 20% smaller than their old model and it now comes with 64GB of internal storage. While those are great improvements, if you’re the tech savvy type, you’re actually probably better off buying the old model if you’re looking to watch and record live OTA channels on a Fire TV device.

For those unfamiliar with Tablo and their devices, they are one of the best ways to watch live over-the-air television from an HD antenna on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. You connect them to your network, over WiFi or ethernet, connect an HD antenna, and can tuck them away wherever you get the best antenna signal since they do not connect directly to your TV. You then use their app on any of their numerous supported devices, including their Fire TV app or Kodi add-on, to configure settings, watch live TV, setup recordings, and watch recorded programming.


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