After TiVo: OTA DVR Options

Tablo OTA DVR really does look like a TiVo competitor. Tablo offers 3 versions a 2 tuner version for $219.99, a 4 tuner version for $299.99. If you need to record more than two shows at a time, go for the 4 tuner version, otherwise, save the cash. 65% of Amazon users give it either a 4 or 5-star review which is pretty solid. They have a program guide, but unlike TiVo, it isn’t required which is cool.

The device requires you to buy an indoor or outdoor OTA antenna, a 1 or 2 TB hard drive (check with Tablo to be sure it is compatible). One important point, the Tablo doesn’t connect directly to your TV. Do I need to own a streaming device with Tablo DVR? So you will need a streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, AppleTV or Chromecast. And while there were some issues with Tablo after a recent Roku update, they seem to have been fixed quickly and Tablo owners seem very pleased with the quality of the support and the overall attitude of the Tablo team.

Amazon reviews like: “Best OTA DVR Solution I have found” and “Tablo TV Cut my Cable” and “Awesome OTA Recording Playback Solution!” all seem to suggest that this is the best offering in the market.

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