Nuvyyo Launches Next-Gen Tablo Dual DVR for Cord-Cutters

Providing a new way for cord-cutters to view and record over-the-air (OTA) broadcast content, Ottawa-based Nuvyyo, makers of the Tablo line of cloud-centric DVRs, has introduced the two-tuner Tablo Dual, its first new model to include onboard storage.

Retaining the same “local record/cloud access and view” concept as the existing Tablo models, the Dual improves the concept in some important ways. Thanks to 64GB of onboard storage, it can hold approximately 40 hours of recorded content. Recognizing that some users will need more storage, the Dual allows up to 8TB of external storage to be added via a USB connection.

The other major improvement is a compact form factor that is 20 percent smaller than the current models.