Tablo's New Dual DVR is Ready to Record Right Out of the Box

The original Tablo box debuted in 2013, pitched as a DVR for cord-cutters that could stream TV nearly anywhere, and now the company is back with a second generation version. The Tablo Dual is redesigned to fit everything in a smaller case with no fans for quieter operation, and also manages to squeeze in 64GB of memory. That means new users can start recording TV right away, without needing to plug in extra storage (although it does support to 8TB).

A "headless" tuner, it doesn't need to connect directly to your TV, instead it's ready to place wherever your antenna can get good reception, then serve up video streams viewable by apps on a PC, mobile device (iOS/Android), video game system (Xbox One) or connected TV setup (Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, LG webOS).


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