Advanced Free Antenna TV DVR Option Announced by Nuvyyo

Consumers with their scissors at the ready are continuingly being offered a plethora of new choices, including an option revealed by Nuvyyo on Wednesday. The company, which already makes Tablo DVR for cord cutters, announced Tablo Dual, a two-tuner OTA DVR. Nuvyyo says it is the first networked OTA DVR to include onboard recording storage and it makes it even easier for users to discover, record, and stream live broadcast programs from their HDTV antenna.

Tablo Dual is reportedly redesigned with a 20 percent smaller form factor and adds 64 GB (approximately 40 hours) of onboard HD recording storage to the live TV streaming and recording features of the original Tablo two-tuner OTA DVR. There’s also an option to connect a USB hard drive to boost the recording capacity up to 8 TB. Other features of Tablo Dual are that it can stream or record up to two OTA TV channels at once, and it uses Ethernet or dual-band WiFi to connect the user’s antenna to the home network. This is said to make it easy for users to optimize placement of their antenna for optimal OTA signal reception and also allows Tablo Dual to deliver live or recorded TV programs to a wide variety of devices.


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