Tablo Intros More Affordable OTA DVR for Cord Cutters, Cloud DVR Enters Beta

Tablo has been working to reinvent the cord-cutting accessory market for some time. While the natural inclination is to go the way of the way streaming media player, Tablo has been steadily introducing new DVRs year after year. Its latest, the Tablo DUAL LITE, delivers whole-home network connectivity and the flexibility of choosing your own storage.

Those with a keen eye will note that physical design is largely the same as last year’s release. But Tablo has changed up a few key features, most notable of which is the price. The new DUAL LITE starts at $140, which is 30% less than its predecessor. 

The Tablo OTA DVR offers a nice contrast to the more well-known cord cutting alternatives.

Currently in beta, the Cloud DVR service will offer 40GB of online storage for free with plans to eventually charge users down the line. That works out to about 16 hours of HD content for free. This is the type of flexibility devices from competitors simply can’t offer at this time.

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