Best of CES 2019 Awards

As expected, CES 2019 has delivered a number of new products across just about every category. At 9to5Toys we’ve been bringing you all of the best TVs, smart home accessories, and more throughout the week. Now, it’s time to name our favorite products that have come out of Las Vegas this week.

Best Cordcutting Device

Tablo Quad DVR

Tablo took to CES 2019 to introduce its latest cordcutting accessory. The new Tablo Quad takes on TiVo Roamio and others in the competitive cordcutting space with the ability to automatically skip commercials on record content.

Tablo sports four tuners and support for up to 8TB of external storage, making it a recording dynamo. That external hard drive spec means Tablo can handle over 160 days of HD content. Safe to say, you’re going to need that commercial skip function.


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