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Tablo Upgrades Its Dual OTA DVR With Onboard Storage, Smaller Footprint

The latest release from Tablo corrects one of the more frustrating aspects of its previous generation DVR. Dual OTA features a built-in hard drive that does away with the bring your own storage model that was applied before. That’s in addition to a handful of other features that may sway cord-cutters from TiVo and the aforementioned streaming services…

Much like the previous generation model, today’s Tablo release includes dual OTA ATSC tuners for capturing two streams of content at once. It also offers support for Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity that enables whole-home and on-the-road streaming. That includes many of today’s popular devices such as Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast devices as well as iPad and iPhone.

The DVR functionality largely remains the same on this new model, short of the included 64GB hard drive. Users will still connect an HDTV antenna of their choice to the set-top box and then Tablo will wirelessly beam content to your devices. Unlike TiVo’s popular Roamio DVR, Tablo does not use a hardwire coaxial connection from the streaming hardware to your TV. This is a bonus for tech-savvy users that likely already own an Apple TV or similar device but could pose a problem for some.


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