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Cord Cutting This Week - OTA Election Coverage, Net Neutrality Concerns & More

Happy Friday Cord Cutters!

The cord cutting movement is gaining speed which means the technology and industry around it are moving even faster. This weekly update will keep your finger on the pulse of the most interesting industry news including updates on Over-the-Air TV shows, streaming services, set-top-boxes, gadgets and more.

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US Election Specials & Coverage

With the US election happening Tuesday, you can expect the airwaves will be chock full of live news coverage on all of the major networks. A full overview of each network's plans can be found here

And don't forget to set your Tablo to record the S
aturday Night Live Election Special, airing November 7th at 10 p.m. on NBC/Global.

If you're keeping tabs on the election from Canada, you can check out America Votes: With Peter Mansbridge and Keith Boag airing November 8th at 9 p.m. on CBC. 

Potential AT&T & Time Warner Merger Raising Eyebrows 

In late October, AT&T agreed to purchase Time Warner (the content company, not the cable company). However, the prospect of a company that controls the delivery of wireless and television content to millions of Americans purchasing a major movie studio and cable content conglomerate is raising red flags with the government and regulators.

Why? Well, as Senator Al Franken pointed out, when the same company that owns the pipes owns the content, " can cause a whole bunch of different horribles for consumers."

That concern is warranted given the current state of affairs in Canada where the largest content owners and creators (Rogers, Bell and Shaw) are also the country's largest telecom and cable companies. 

It's also bringing the concept of 'zero rating' into focus. 'Zero rating' is when a telecom company does not count the streaming of certain content against a datacap, like TMobile does with BingeOn today. Many are concerned that this flies in the face of net neutrality and can have serious long-term negative impacts.


NBC Planning a Will & Grace Reboot?

After the cast recently reunited for an election-themed online video, rumors are swirling that NBC is in talks to bring Will & Grace back to TV.

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Gilmore Girls and More Coming to Netflix in November

Speaking of a favorite 90s show, the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot is coming to Netflix this November along with a must-see for royal watchers called The Crown, which dramatizes the early days of Queen Elizabeth's reign.

For a list of everything coming to Netflix this month, click here for the US list and here if you're in Canada.


Roku Ultra vs. Roku Premiere+ Review

If you're looking for a new Roku device and trying to decide between an Ultra and a Premiere+, the folks at TechHive have done a review and evaluation that may help. The TL;DR is that for most users the lower priced Roku devices are a better buy than the top-of-the-line Ultra.

If you're looking for an overview of the most popular Tablo-compatible set-top-boxes on the market today, check out the Tablo blog.   


Canadian Corner: CRTC Hearings Debating Net Neutrality


Having spent a significant amount of time looking at how television is delivered in Canada, the CRTC has now moved on to looking closely at the internet in Canada, specifically the concept of net neutrality and whether data caps should be abolished.

As we mentioned in the AT&T and Time Warner article above, zero rating (or differential pricing as the CRTC has dubbed it) may sound good in concept, but can have serious ramifications in practice. 

According to Charles Falzon, dean of the faculty of communication and design at Ryerson University, maintaining a level playing field online is essential for innovation. "Net neutrality will keep our culture and our economy competitive globally."


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