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Cord Cutting This Week - Streaming TV News from Hulu, Pluto, & Philo

Tablo Cord Cutting This Week

Happy Friday Cord Cutters!

This week we've got streaming TV updates on Hulu, Pluto TV, and Philo. 

Also: New on Netflix, cord cutting 101, must-see OTA TV and more. 

As always, if you know of someone who might need some insight or help with cutting the cord on cable or satellite, please forward our newsletter, or use the handy share buttons at the top of this email. 

OK... now let's get to it!   

NEWS: Streaming TV Updates from Hulu, Pluto TV, and Philo
This week Hulu shook up its pricing model, reducing the cost of its ad-supported version to $5.99/month but jacking the cost of its top-tier ad-free with Live TV version to a whopping $50.99/month.

At either end of the pricing spectrum, there are more flexible and cost-effective ways to enjoy your favorite shows. Pay a little and watch repetitive, unskippable ads. Pay a lot, and you might wind up with an even bigger bill for extra DVR space, ($10/month for up to 200 hours).

As the cost of Live TV streaming packages increase, it's worth re-evaluating your options and switching to alternatives. After all, there are no contracts to keep you tied down!

pluto tv
Interest in free ad-supported streaming services is heating up, as Viacom shelled out big bucks to acquire the popular Pluto TV service.

Pluto TV has over 12 million monthly active users and growing thanks to integrations with Samsung and Vizio Smart TVs, and apps on all of the major streaming devices.

It'll be interesting to see if Pluto TV will start streaming back catalog content from some of Viacom's properties including MTV, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

beavis and butthead

Speaking of back-catalog content from MTV, shows like Cribs, Beavis & Butthead, Daria, and more are now available via MTV Classic on Philo.

With over 40 channels for $16 it's tough to beat in terms of value and is a great companion to Over-the-Air TV. 


Q&A: How Do I get Started with Cord Cutting?
cord cutting 101

Send us your most pressing cord cutting questions via email so we can answer them in an upcoming issue.

This week's question comes from Diane who says, "My Comcast bill is up to $180/month. We just can't afford it anymore but I'm not tech savvy and I have no idea where to start on this whole cord cutting thing. Can you help?"

Ditching pay TV can seem like a daunting task if you have no idea where to start.

The good news is that no matter what methods you pick, at least you'll get rid of the box rental costs, bogus fees, and contracts that make traditional cable TV so expensive. 

There are four key steps to cutting the cord on cable, and the last one is SUPER easy: 
  1. Find Your TV Content
    • Identify your 'must-watch shows' and how to access them - whether it's with an Over-the-Air antenna, a free streaming service, or a paid streaming service.
  2. Choose Your Hardware
    • Pick a replacement for your cable boxes - either a Smart TV, a streaming device to make your existing 'dumb' TVs smart, an antenna, and a DVR. 
  3. Prepare Your WiFi Network
    • Ditch the rental router and/or upgrade to a newer model to ensure your WiFi network can handle streaming video without buffering. 
  4. Save Money!
    • This one is pretty self-explanatory!

Check out our Cord Cutting 101 blog post for more details and links to helpful resources that will help guide you through each step. And if you have any specific questions, you know where to find us! 
(FYI - If you want to save some cash getting outfitted, we've got a 1 year of free TV Guide Data deal on the original 4-Tuner Tablo!)
tablo original 4-tuner guide data coupon code

Have a question about cord cutting that you'd like answered? Send us a note and you may see your question in an upcoming issue of Cord Cutting This Week! 

STREAMING: What's New On Netflix
Alongside all of the free TV you can watch with an antenna, check out our picks for great shows and movies on Netflix for you to enjoy in February:

  • Cuddle up with the American Pie or Jaws trilogies on a frigid afternoon
  • Or re-watch some older favorites like the 40-Year-Old Virgin and Pretty In Pink
  • Check out season 3 of the reboot of One Day at a Time
  • Or the second volume of the hit political comedy show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj
  • Canadians can also enjoy the Back to the Future trilogy, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Shrek, and the last 4 Harry Potter films

See a full list of new Netflix shows in the US and in Canada.  



As usual, there's lots great TV coming to you FREE with an antenna this week including:

nfl pro bowl
  • Canadians can tune into the 2019 NHL Skills Competition - January 25 @ 9:00 p.m. ET on CBC 
  • But folks on both sides of the border can check out the 2019 NHL Hockey All-Star Game - January 26 @ 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC/CBC 
  • James McAvoy hosts with musical guest Meek Mill on Saturday Night Live - January 26 @ 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC/Global
  • Don't miss 2019 NFL Pro Bowl action - January 27 @ 3:00 p.m. ET on ABC
  • Watch the Broadway hit RENT performed live in a 3-hour special - January 27 @ 8:00 p.m. ET on FOX/CityTV
  • Check out the special Superbowl Greatest Commercials 2019 - January 27 @ 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS/Global
  • Canadians can enjoy season 2 of singing competition The Launch - January 30 @ 8:00 p.m. ET on CTV
Don't forget to regularly check the TV SHOWS > PREMIERING filter on your Tablo app to find and set new and old favorites to record! 
CANADIAN CORNER: TSN/RDS Launch 'Day Pass' Streaming Access
tsn day pass

For 'occasional' sports fans, paying $25/month for streaming access to TSN may be overkill. Which is why Bell has launched a new 'day pass' option for their streaming service.

For $4.99 you can watch a live stream of TSN for 24 hours on mobile devices, desktop, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TVs, and Apple TV. (Support for more devices is supposed to be coming soon.) 

This seems like the perfect way to catch big events like World Junior hockey finals, CFL Grey Cup games, Final Four NCAA basketball, etc. without having to trudge through the snow to the local sports bar. 


We hope you enjoyed this edition of Cord Cutting This Week!
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The Tablo Team
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