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Combating Sneaky Fees on Cable & Internet Bills

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Happy Friday cord cutters!

This week we're talking about the plague sneaky fees on cable and internet bills and what's being done to combat them.

Also: Q&A on streaming remote replacement apps, short cuts including super hot deals on Tablo OTA DVRs, must-see OTA TV, and more. 

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OK... now let's get to it!   

IN-DEPTH > True Cost of Cable & Internet Is All In the Small Print
Comcast Bill
After a recent move, technology columnist Geoffrey Fowler of the Washington Post outlined his experience purchasing internet and television service from Comcast. It is a familiar tale of woe.

After picking a $90 package, Fowler wound up with a bill for $127.72. Set-top-box rental costs, sneaky fees for local broadcast and sports channels, and taxes pushed his monthly payment a full 42% higher... At least until the promotional period runs out.

And since the bill also doesn't break down the cost for internet and TV separately, there's no way for consumers to know whether their bundle is actually saving money versus broadband alone. (Because it probably isn't when you include the bogus TV fees!) 

The craziest part? Comcast told Fowler that customers WANT the information presented this way. 

Thankfully, the government disagrees and is resurrecting the concept of a standardized 'nutrition label' for internet service. Consumer Reports has also launched an initiative to gather internet bills from consumers to analyze the cost and quality of internet service across the US.

Hopefully, these efforts along with a previously passed law requiring transparency in cable bills will help consumers make more informed choices.   

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Q&A > Why Is the Roku Remote App Asking Me to Pay For It?
Roku remote app

Send us your most pressing cord cutting questions via email so we can answer them in an upcoming issue.

This week's question comes from Carla who says, "My dog chewed my Roku remote so someone suggested I download a remote app on my phone. But to use it the app wants me to pay almost more than I paid for my whole Roku and it's full of ads. Is there something else I can try or do I have to buy a new Roku?"

It sounds like Carla may have mistakenly downloaded a non-official Roku remote app from the app store.

While you'd assume that the top result in an app store search would be the 'official' version, but (at least on iOS) the first result is actually an ad for a pay-for-play knockoff aimed to scam people out of their hard-earned cash.

The official Roku remote app is 100% free, available on iOS and Android, and works great if you've lost or damaged your Roku's remote.

Have a question about cord cutting that you'd like answered? Send us a note and you may see your question in an upcoming issue of Cord Cutting This Week! 


SHORT CUTS > HUGE Sale on Tablo OTA DVRs & More
Tablo Best Buy Sale

Most weeks there's more news than we can cram into this email. Thankfully 'short cuts' delivers the cord-cutting news and deals we didn't have room for, including: 


As always, there's lots of great TV coming to you FREE with an antenna this week including:
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We hope you enjoyed this edition of Cord Cutting This Week!
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