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1 Million+ Cut Cable in Q2

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Happy Friday cord cutters!

This week we're talking about the 1 million+ newly minted cord cutters who've ditched cable in the past three months.

Also: Q&A on time-shifting with Tablo, short cuts, must-see OTA TV, and more. 

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OK... now let's get to it!   

NEWS > 1 Million+ Cut the Cord in Q2 
scissors cutting cord
Over the last three months, 1.23 million US households ditched pay TV. This number includes consumers who also left live TV streaming services from Sling, Hulu, and fubo TV. 

As prices for cable, satellite, and even 'big bundle' streaming services continue to increase, fed-up consumers are switching to free ad-supported video platforms and Over-the-Air TV.   

Are you a recent cord cutter? Tell us why you finally ditched cable on Facebook or Twitter.  

Q&A > Can I Time Shift with Tablo?
Tablo in-progress recording

Send us your most pressing cord cutting questions via email so we can answer them in an upcoming issue.

This week's question comes from William who asks, "Can I watch a program while it is being recorded using my Tablo DVR?"

Some folks love to use their DVR to watch programming slightly behind the live TV feed in order to skip commercials, news segments, or pauses in play during sports. This is concept is called different things: time-shifting, time slip, chase play etc.

At Tablo, we call these 'in-progress recordings'. Within seconds of a programmed recording beginning, you can start playing it via the RECORDINGS screen on your Tablo DVR.

Keep in mind, however, that you cannot fast-forward beyond the current live playback position as Tablo does not include a flux capacitorFast-forward preview thumbnails and automatic commercial skip will also not be available as both of these processes require a recording to be completed first.       

Have a question about cord cutting that you'd like answered? Send us a note and you may see your question in an upcoming issue of Cord Cutting This Week! 


SHORT CUTS > Deals on Tablo OTA DVRs Ending Soon, & More
Tablo Best Buy Sale

Most weeks there's more news than we can cram into this email. Thankfully 'short cuts' delivers the cord-cutting news and deals we didn't have room for, including: 


As usual, there's lots of great TV coming to you FREE with an antenna this week including:
Ultimate Surfer
  • Enjoy the season 2 premiere of The Greatest #AtHome Videos - August 20th @ 9:00 p.m. ET on CBS
  • Tune in to the fundraising special Stand Up to Cancer - August 21st @ 8:00 p.m. on most networks 
  • Catch the series premiere of the reality show Ultimate Surfer - August 23rd @ 10:00 p.m. ET on ABC
Don't forget to regularly check the TV SHOWS > PREMIERING tab on your Tablo app to find and set new and old favorites to record.  


CANADIAN CORNER > 4K Content Arrives on Crave

Crave subscribers using Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV can now watch select content in 4K.

The streaming service will be adding additional titles in 4K moving forward. 


We hope you enjoyed this edition of Cord Cutting This Week!
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Stay tuned!
The Tablo Team
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