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Why, oh why, no HDMI??? Because it saves you money, that's why!

Wish there was a Tablo with an HDMI? 
There is one now! Check out Tablo DUAL HDMI!  


Tablo - No HDMIWe often have people ask us if Tablo has an HDMI out port that would connect directly to a TV. The short answer is no, which has left a few people scratching their heads.

While it might seem like an HDMI port would be a good thing for a video product, the design team here at Nuvyyo has deliberately chosen not to include one in the Tablo device.

Why? Well, with prices of HDMI media adapters like Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV continuing to decline, we believe they’re a better option to deliver video the final few inches to your TV.

One of the benefits of Tablo delivering video over your home network instead of via an HDMI connection is that we can support multiple TVs, tablets or smartphones at the same time from a single device. This means you only have to buy one Tablo DVR to support your entire household, instead of having to purchase an additional DVR unit or a dedicated DVR-only extender for each TV like with traditional cable DVRs. Using an HDMI media adapter like Roku can also provide access to awesome Over-the-Top content like Netflix.  

We’re all about enjoying high quality, live, local TV and saving you money with Tablo, and this is just one more way we’re helping you do it.

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