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2014 Cord Cutter Holiday Gift Guide

Wow, the holidays are coming up REALLY quickly! Is it just me or did they sneak up on you too?

Thankfully, my holiday shopping is done but if you’ve still got a cord cutter on your list to buy for, we thought we’d share a few gift giving ideas.


Netflix Subscription
House of CardsThere’s definitely something for everyone on popular streaming service Netflix and they’re adding new content all the time, including wildly popular exclusive series like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards as well as super hilarious comedy specials. 

OUR PICK: To make it super easy, you can give a Netflix gift card which is redeemable for both new and existing users.


Streaming Set-Top Box
Streaming set-top-boxes connect directly to your TV and your internet connection and are a convenient way for you to access all of the great streaming content available from services like Netflix and Amazon as well as from other online sources like YouTube on your big screen TV.
Even if the cord cutter on your list already has a set-top-box at home, they might be hankering for an upgrade to a newer model or one for a second (or third) TV.

OUR PICK: We love the Roku 3 because of its wide variety of supported programming channels (including Tablo!), solid hardware and ease-of-use. (The earphones are pretty handy too if your significant other doesn’t share your love of late night talk shows).



Streaming Sticks
Many streaming set-top-box makers are shrinking their hardware into smaller dongle-sized streaming ‘sticks’. Portable and compact, these are great for cord cutters who do a lot of travelling or to make a spare ‘dumb’ TV set (like the one in the guest room or workout room) ‘smart’.

ChromecastOUR PICK: Google Chromecast sends content from Chrome browsers and Android devices to your big screen TV at a great price point and would make a great stocking stuffer.


HDMI cable
Speaking of stocking stuffers, one of the most underrated cord cutting devices is the lowly HDMI cable. While it may not be as slick as beaming something automagically through the air via Chromecast, you can easily turn your big screen TV into a giant computer monitor by simply connecting your laptop via HDMI cable. This is a great cost-effective way to get video content from your computer (whether it’s streamed or downloaded) to your TV.

OUR PICK: Most retailers sell a basic HDMI cable. While you might be tempted to pick up a ‘fancy’ one, don’t do it because there is literally NO difference between the $10 one and the $100 one.


OTA Antenna
OTA AntennaAn OTA antenna is the PERFECT gift for someone dipping their toes in the cord cutting water. Many people have no idea you can get most of your favourite shows for FREE and in full HD simply by connecting a digital antenna to your television.
You can even check to make sure your recipient gets Over-The-Air in their area by entering their zip code in our channel locator tool.

OUR PICKS: Try the NorthVu NV20 Pro AMPd antenna if you live in an urban area. If you’re in the outer burbs or even further, the lovely folks at Antennas Direct have some great roof and attic mounted options.


Gift of Tablo
OK, we’re totally biased on this one but if you’re going to pick up an OTA antenna, being able to record shows for later viewing and getting live TV to stream to all of your devices without having coax cable snaking everywhere though the house is a definite benefit. This is why an OTA DVR makes a great gift. 

OUR PICK: No surprise here, but we think we make the best OTA DVR on the market today. If you don’t have Tablo yet and need more convincing, check out what the experts and our customers have to say.


Happy shopping and happy holidays to you and yours!



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