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Now Available - KODI Add-On for Tablo

*** NOTE - Tablo support for KODI has been discontinued at this time. ***

Today we’re excited to announce Tablo now has an Add-On for Kodi. True DIY cord cutters have likely heard of or used Kodi (previously known as XBMC). If you’re one of them, or even if you’re thinking ‘Who’s Cody?’ then keep reading.

Cody Simpson


Meet Kodi
Kodi (previously known as XBMC) is open source media player software that works on a multitude of devices and is designed to be used on TVs.  Users love it for its highly customizable nature. A variety of skins can change its appearance and plug-ins and add-ons (like Tablo) allow users to access media content from online services. It also connects to locally networked storage to allow access to your own video, image and music files.

Long story short, if there is a plug-in or add-on for your favorite services, you should be able to access EVERYTHING, including your own files, from a single interface.




Tablo + Kodi = Even More Choices
The Tablo Add-On for Kodi was designed with the same look and feel as our popular Roku channel, offering playback of both live TV and recordings.


Tablo Kodi Live TV


You can browse the Live TV grid guide for programs airing in the next 24 hours, or discover programming airing in the next 14 days using the TV shows, movies and sports screens within the larger guide screens.

Tablo Kodi TV Shows Guide


You can also set recordings and view episode and series-level synopses.

Tablo Kodi set recordings


It is not possible to edit the Tablo’s settings via Kodi but, just like Roku, some basic details are available for your reference.

Tablo Kodi info screen


It is also not possible to rewind live TV nor watch in-progress recordings due to the limitations of the integration so if you’re heavy users of these features, you may wish to stick with a native app.


Improved Device Support & Unified Interface
The Tablo Add-On for Kodi will enable users to access Over-the-Air HDTV content from Tablo from the same interface they use for streaming services and content from their own media libraries. It will also add support to platforms that were previously unsupported, like popular ‘generic’ Android streaming devices.

If you’re game to get started with Kodi, you can download it here. The Tablo Kodi Add-On is compatible with the latest version of Kodi software (Jarvis) as well as the latest Tablo firmware (2.2.10).

It can be added directly via the Kodi Jarvis interface by navigating to SYSTEM > SETTINGS > ADD ONS > INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY > TABLO. 

If you're running a Kodi version prior to Jarvis, a zip file is available for installation via zip.

Links to the Tablo Kodi Add-On (and all other Tablo apps) are available at



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