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New Tool: What Can I Watch on OTA TV?

If you’ve already cut the cord on cable and picked up an Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna, you probably know just how much awesome programming is available for FREE.

True fact: you can watch 47 of the top 50 shows on TV today with an OTA antenna.

However, some people just don’t realize that they don’t have to pay for their favorite shows. That’s why we created the ‘What Can I Watch OTA’ tool. Just enter your zip code and we’ll show you all of the great prime time shows you can see in your area.


What can I watch Over-the-Air 

The ‘What Can I Watch OTA’ tool is available on our website at

While you’re on our tools page, you can also see what channels you get with our Channel Locator Tool, as well as find out how much money you’ll with or Cord Cutter Calculator.

If you’re already enjoying great OTA TV, make sure to share these tools with a friend. Let’s keep the cord cutting revolution rolling!


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