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New Cord Cutting Resource: Tablo Cord Cutter Calculator

Here at Tablo, we want to help make 2015 the year that you finally cut the cord on cable. 

With the amount of technology and services available on the market today, cutting the cord is easier than ever and it can save you a significant amount of money.

How much money? Well, we've developped a new resource to help you find out - the Tablo Cord Cutter Calculator!

Tablo Cord Cutter Calculator

Simply go to the Cord Cutter Calculator and enter the amount you spend monthly for your cable or satellite subscription as well as the number of TVs you like to use to watch that programming on. 

When you hit 'show me', we'll give you a personalized overview of exactly how much money you'll save this year by cutting the cord with a Tablo DVR and how long it will take to pay off your initial investment.

Tablo Cord Cutter Calculator Results

With an average cable bill of $85 per month, you could be saving over $1000 a year by ditching cable and using an Over-the-Air antenna and Tablo. 

What would you do with an extra $1000+ a year? 

Save for retirement?

Take a vacation? 

Buy 155 big Mac Meals? (OK... maybe that's not a great idea...)

What you do with the money you'll save is up to you, so go to the Cord Cutter Calculator today and find out how much extra you could have in your pocket in 2015. 



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