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ISPs: Get the Skinny on ‘Skinny Basic’ TV OTT

Today at the 2017 Canadian ISP Summit in Toronto Grant Hall, the founder and CEO of Nuvyyo gave a technical track keynote presentation on how ISPs can deliver a ‘skinny basic’-style TV experience over broadband.

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ISPs are always looking to attract new customers and increase the ‘stickiness’ of the customers they already have. Offering a cableco-style triple-play package including VOIP and video is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Now that traditional pay TV subscribers are cutting the cord, 2nd and 3rd tier ISPs have an unprecedented opportunity to seize customers from cablecos and increase market share by offering ‘skinny basic' TV alongside core broadband internet services.

tablo skinny basic tv

Grant’s keynote drilled down into the tactics and technologies that enable ISPs to quickly deploy a low-cost, easily scalable video solution — one that sidesteps the usual roadblocks of CAPEX, licensing, and complex customer premises equipment.

The session covered:

  • How alternative ISPs can build a business case for skinny basic TV-as-a-service that appeals to cord-cutters
  • How local TV can be delivered as an OTT service using scalable off-the-shelf equipment, content from free OTA broadcast channels, and internet-connected consumer devices
  • How OTT video delivery business models and the regulatory environment work for multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) in the US and Canada


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